Rental Cottages


Luna's Beach Cottage

(This is the 1st cottage on the right across from beach)

Across from the Telegraph Cottage is Luna’s Beach Cottage and the Annex. Luna’s was built in 1919 and has been wonderfully restored featuring a new kitchen, bath, and second bedroom. The enclosed screened porch is wonderful for relaxing and overlooks the beach. It provides a comfortable spot to eat a meal, play games, read and relax. In the main room there is a working player piano for those brave enough to pump the foot pedals! The rear bedroom has a full bed and the main bedroom a king size bed. In the living room there is a pull-out couch and two inflatable mattresses.

Full size cots are also available. Luna’s Cottage has a working fireplace, however, we ask that summer guests do not use it during this time of year. Near the shared sandy beach there is an outdoor fireplace which may be used during the evening and when the risk of fire danger is low.

Lore has it that Ernest Spangler, an early caretaker at Tallwood, was given permission by then property owner Sam Patterson to build this cottage for personal use. He built this house only to be subsequently dismissed from his position at Tallwood! We thought of calling it "Spangler's Bungalow" but decided on "Luna's" in memory of the last heir of the trust, Luna Leach, who lived at this cottage during the summers.

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