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Cove Cottage

Cove Cottage offers all of the modern conveniences in a timeless setting. Nestled in the cove, it is designed for comfort and can accommodate large families. In the year 2000 we began the renovation of Cove Cottage moving it back on to a foundation, adding a second story, and increasing its overall size by thirty percent. The result of this effort is a cottage with spectacular views of the lake and cove through the large windows. The southern pine hardwood floor in the enclosed porch sitting area was installed from the remnants of flooring from the original building.

You may be interested to know that this building and site originally started life as a stable built in 1926 adjacent to the Tallwood Inn. Its purpose then was to house horses and a few Model T Fords! In 1938 it was converted to a garage. It fell into disuse until 1964 when it was converted to a small one-story cottage sitting right on the water.

Cove Cottage has three full size beds and two twin beds upstairs as well as a king size bed in a master bedroom on the first floor. There is a full bath and half bath downstairs. A small washer and dryer are located in the half bath area.

Cove Cottage has a television with satellite hook-up and a VCR and DVD player unit attached.

There is local phone service at the Cove Cottage.

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